Twitter: @kchannelsio , Telegram: kchannels

Kchannels is a new payment channel platform for Ethereum. It is non-custodial and trust-minimized, and its primary focus is on great UX.

Kchannels provides the standard payment channel features (fast transactions, low fees, and privacy), and it also has the following features:
-- minimal infrastructure requirements
-- immediate transaction finality
-- no special token
-- no network
-- no capital required to maintain channels
-- high scalability

Kchannels uses a powerful channel design:
-- a channel can hold multiple assets (and transfer multiple assets in a transaction)
-- an unattended channel can receive transactions
-- fast and easy deposits/withdrawals at an open channel
-- most users only need a single channel--ever--for all their needs!

Get started with docs.

Simple Mainnet demo UI
Mainnet contract: 0x07Bb837254c411d9527F3B16DF38C38c6374ce61

Simple Ropsten demo UI
Ropsten contract: 0x13e43355EA13806E705eb32874DeABfb60B430F9

Simple Rinkeby demo UI
Rinkeby contract: 0x49B837de3B2FA6d1F570b35bf250db5f6ef06aEd